Belgian holiday from real

Cycling is a magicial sport because the fans can emphasize so well with the racer.s While we may not ride as hard or fast or long, we reach the same breaking point on our rides, and then keep on pushing it. Its that that brings hundreds or thousands out to races, standing for hours in the cold in city squares and on country roads alike for a view of our heroes that may only last a few seconds. Its the excitement and comprehension that brings us out again and again. We live for the sport and no matter how many heroes fall of their thrones or are taken down or give in to cheating, it doesn't changing the humming of wheels, the clanging of gears shifting, the elation of flying down a descent or the thrill of a spring that leaves everything on the tarmac, either while racing or watching. The passion is based on the action, not the participants that we watch, and thus, cycling lives on.

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