A change of pace

In Rome, my buddy Matteo was incredulous of my plan to be in Bormio for a month. Wouldn't I get bored in a small mountain village, no more than a few thousand people, most of whom don't really share a language with me?! The easy answer is no. I went there to bike, and I threw myself in. I was usually out all day, and time spent off the bike was usually with incredible Italian food.

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New Mountains in My Life

It has been too long since I last seriously read John Muir. Senior year of high school to be exact, when I took one of my favorite classes ever, an English elective on Nature and Animals in American Literature. We all had a crush on the now yoga-teacher professor as she lead us through the relationship between man, woman and the natural world through films, books, hikes and more.

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Riding the dream in Corsica

The propostion was simple - a two week bike tour of Corsica and Sardegne - many miles a day, self-supported, with my less than normal but very much loved aunt and uncle. The pros of the idea were overwhelming - an idealistic escape by bicycle to what the natives call the most beautiful island in the world (I can understand why). The only doubt was that of my fitness, my aunt and uncle were in top shape after countless endurance events and I was coming off of my Parisian spring, but it was not a nagging doubt, knowing it would be worth any pain and suffering.

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Before the Storm

I love the constant state of change that defines my life here in Paris. The lack if consistency aligns well with my restless soul. Regardless, things have been more in flux than usual. Put briefly, since finishing my winter travels, I've lived a totally different life then last semester. Extension will follow, but I'll summarize with new home stay, new neighborhood, new classes, new friends, new camera, new mindset.

I've been without a computer for nearly two months, which has been both liberating and frustrating. On the blog end, it's left me with a lot of writing waiting to be typed up, and thousands of pictures waiting to be uploaded. I should have my new computer tomorrow, prepare for the storm of words and images. The rest of the storm is the coming school work.

It's gently snowing, which makes for a beautiful evening Paris. A perfect time to spend at the Pompidou, hopefully get that perfect shot.

On looking the storm of life to come, i can't wait.