Varying States of Dreaming

I vaguely remember today's alarm going off - a weak beep helpless against the crushing force of a deep sleep following a long, yet not entirely taxing weak. Blankets, sheets, the bed itself formed a cocoon so seemingly unbreakable that the inevitable wake up seemed elusive for a moment. 

Nothing that a few pounds on the door won't combat, unfortunately. Deep dreams had even succeeded, even if only momentarily, of obscuring our plans to mountain bike Mount Sutro before work. I rolled into clothes (Parker Dusseau of course) , knocked back some oatmeal and espresso and we were out the door.

Awake or dreaming?

The number one appeal of San Francisco is the accessibility of the outdoors - mountains, trails, beach - you name it. The number one outdoors allure that is forgotten and unknown is Mount Sutro. No more than ten minutes on bike from my house to single track. Sweet.

An enormous area of protected land on a mountain covered in 200 foot tall Eucalyptus trees, smack dab in the center of San Francisco and covered in sweet trail. Its almost too good to be true, you might even say its something mountain bikers dream of having in their respective cities...

Onto the Fairy Gates

From the historic trail we turn on the the Fairy Gates trail. Seriously, I couldn't make this up if I tried. The historic trail leads uphill (it is Mount Sutro of course), and right about on Fairy Gates is where we hit the enchanting layer of fog. The misty effect between the trees is ethereal and feels straight out of a fairy tale.

The single track trickles between the trees, amongst this enchanted background. It feels as if I'm in a waking dream, a surreal land of perfect colors, lighting, and fresh air. The city is forgotten and the bike is at home. There's some tough terrain, and we'll have to come back to truly master it. That only adds to the allure - its a space that will provide the new, the beautiful and the challenging for years to come.

Tough trails

Every ride has to end, and usually is followed by something less exciting. Enter the final dream state - one of longing and nostalgia. Dreaming of how good it was.

Dreaming of this dreamy dreamland