Free Like a Hawk


The Hawk Special: A camping getaway; a restart, refresh night outside in the middle of the week, without skipping a day of work. 

The Hawk Special: pack up your bike the morning of, and jet out of work on it, headed straight for the Marin headlands. On the way, stop for the biggest burrito you know about and head into paradise. Once you're across the bridge, the golden hills beckon, the campsite a beacon nestled in the trees at the top of a big hill. Watch the sun set while you eat your burrito with friends, drink whiskey with your friends and sleep under the stars (or fog). Awake with the chirping birds, treasure the rising sun with your coffee, then bomb down the hill, cross back the bridge and go back to work.

The Hawk Special: the acknowledgement that camping and the outdoors shouldn't be pushed to the extremes, called epic or an adventure. Rather, it is a part of life, an integral part nonetheless.

The Hawk Special: The Golden Gate Bridge separates San Francisco from its antithesis; the Marin Headlands. The former, a bustling metropolis with too many people for its own good; the latter, the latter a vast open space, defiant and resiliant to attempts at civilization. 

The Hawk Special: Even amidst the chatter of birds, frogs, coyotes and bubbling brooks, surrounded by scenes of majestic hillsides, low sun through the tall grass, fog creeping from the ocean, the San Francisco is never far away - only the thickest of fog keeps the twinkle of the city lights from creeping over to camp.

The Hawk Special: I'm not at all a morning person, except for when I'm outside. The sun and fog breaking through the trees as the birds sing make an early morning pleasant in a way that no house could ever replicate.

The Hawk Special: This couldn't exist without bikes. To many, the distance between San Francisco a tiny spot in the hills in the Headlands is unfathomable, certainly not with the constraint of work on either end. Yet the bicycle makes this dream a reality, removes any obstacle. Self-sufficient, efficient, and most all of, entirely fun.