Don't Talk About it, Sea About it

Getting ten great friends for a weekend away is always a good idea. Even better with a sublime location - this time around, Sea Ranch. A humble community on the Sonoma Coast, a few hours north of San Francisco, unified by a distinct and striking architectural style, with minimal services and gaudiness, Sea Ranch is a gorgeous destination. But this was to be no standard beach weekend. No - this was a epic bike weekend, as the time on the coast was the be bookended by the 120+ mile ride from San Francisco to Sea Ranch.

Long Miles Call for Friendly Faces

No matter how spectacular the scenery, it pays to be in good company. Trading jokes is as powerful as trading pulls. We made it there and back in great time - thanks to the such a gang of crushers, on and off the bike.

Outside is Free, Outside is Fun


Roads like Highway 1

The route to Sea Ranch is pretty straightforward. Go North, and when you're legs start to get tired, keep going because there is still further north to go. Most of the route follows our favorite road; Highway 1 aka the most gorgeous road to grace the California coast. Sleeping in Sea Ranch enabled us to explore some new territory on a familiar road, always a welcome venture, straight out of our front doors.

Off the bike, sea the sights...

Nostalgia for a trip like this is odd. I've sat on these photos for six months and looking back feel no desire to replicate the trip. On one hand, its because its the people not the place that make an experience, but on the other is the realization that I have a starvation for something new. Sea Ranch offered that and soon, I take off for Colombia - where I'll be surrounded by nothing but the new and the unfamiliar.