A Weekend Fit for a President

Living in San Francisco, the best things are within shockingly easy reach. When holiday weekend temperatures in a rain-filled winter hit 75, there is nothing to do but enjoy every possible minute of it. Spirits soar as skin darkens in a land where the profound natural beauty accentuates every bit of laughter and cheer.



We've seen the landscape change drastically over the last few weeks. Brown and yellow have given way to green and wildflowers, the color is bountiful as far as the eye can see. The whole world was refreshed, including us. To step back from high speed, aggressive cycling and to stop over and over to see the view is wonderful, especially when coming off of an injury or a long week, or a long break (as we all had). The bike is meant to be fun, not just exercise...


To close of a great weekend, it's tough to beat watching the sun set with a solid crew. I'm a strong believer in the in the power of the journey over the destination, but I put my faith just as strongly in the converse idea as well. A 45 minutes spin puts us over the Golden Gate Bridge, down some rowdy dirt tracks, to a beautiful sun set spot featuring craggy cliffs, an unobstructed view west and even a city vista.

Not a bad place to be

It doesn't take a journey of epic proportions for greatness to ensue. Good friends, a bike and a little motivation are all it takes...