Endless Summer

Its technically fall, but you'd never know it here in California. The sun continues to shine strong, the optimism of warm weather has mostly kept the fog at bay. Warm mornings keep leading to warm nights, despite the dwindling hours of daylight that grace our skies. It may have disastrous consequences, but we may as well take advantage while the good weather is around.

Muir Woods

For cyclists, the fall my cyclocross, and the excited whispers of "cross is coming" have led to an excited cheer of "cross is here!!" Everyone has broken out their knobby tired bikes, hit the trails and gotten excited about dirt. An underlying reason, forgotten by no one is a desire to differentiate, to explore, to adventure. The road riding here is stellar, but the roads can get repetitive.

Highway 1

Byran and I have other ideas about switching things up. Same roads, same loops, different times of day. Leaving for a 5 or 6 hour ride at 3:30pm means seeing our favored roads in a new light, awash in warm sun from a low angle. Golden hour on the coast, light rays through the trees, finished by a sunset painted in powerful hues from the top of the mountain.

Bolinas Lagoon

Last Monday we redefined a ride we've each done dozens of times but leaving later in the day. The golden reflections on the coast had us chasing only our long shadows, but endless stoke. Even the yellow grass on top of Mt Tam is different under a deep orange sun.

Seven Sisters

This is a ride that we owe to modern lighting technology. My light that mounts on my handlebars illuminates hundreds of meters up the road, previewing any dangers on the road, letting any cars know we're here. The light has opened up the night, which in turn has opened up a whole new time to ride.

Its the endless summer. Sun day, moon up, short sleeves and shorts. What could be better?

Tam Trails