Weekend Mondays

At 10:00am I roll up to a red light, fully kitted up. A guy commuting to work looks over in clear envy and says "isn't it a little early for a lunch ride?" This is no lunch ride man, Monday is my weekend - and it is a brilliant day to have off.

I love the traditional weekend, but a day off is truly a day off when you don't share it with the whole world. There are no obligations but your own, nobody keeping you from doing what you want to do. Monday off is perfect for cycling - the roads are empty, the bakeries don't run out of cookies, and there's no brunch or hangover to keep you from an all day adventure.

I set off in grayer, colder weather than I would have liked, pondering the sudden departure of the  immensely warm temperatures that have recently graced the bay area. The bridge was cold and windy, but as soon as I hit the slopes of Mt. Tam, got nice and toasty.

Halfway up the mountain on panoramic I ran into another cyclist, another hotshot roadie not unlike myself. We were competitive and showed off for a few miles until we wound up next to him. He goes "Sorry. I didn't mean to be a jackass and attack you, I'm a photographer and wanted to get a sweet shot of you..."

A man of my own right. Both photographers, love cycling for its exploration,  for its fostering of friendship, and the calorie deficiency that opens up a whole new world of eating. We had differing routes at first, but decided you can't say no to good company and hit seven sisters together. 

Seven sisters was a foggy delight, and we managed to grab a few cool shots of each other disappearing into the fog as we hit each rise in the road with the furiousity I'm expecting Saturday's race to have. 

Bryan doesn't work Mondays either. We're mighty fortunate that our work lets us go ride when no one else is on the road. We're lucky to such a sport that allows you to have a great ride with a stranger and finish with a friend. We saw sun, rain, fog, mountains, redwood forests, eucaluptus forests, craggy coast and the beach all in one ride, back ended by the coolest city and bridge in the world. 

If you think Mondays suck, you need a new job.