Coastal Escape From Reality

We can't fly because we don't have wings, but instead we have wheels, so bikes are the next best thing. The flapping of wings and the turning of pedals equates to a certain freedom that resonates with our primal core. Bike touring is the extension and the realization of this freedom. Worries of work, media and obligation are traded for the instinctive focus on food and shelter. The cyclist controls his route, pace and trajectory. He carries all he needs with him on his bike. His enjoyment is his livelihood and his purpose, at least for a time. 

On the road, this lifestyle was a necessary breath of fresh air for Dylan and I. We're in a tumultuous time, between college and work, between youthful rebellion and proper adulthood. School doesn't teach how to acclimatize during this period, but its given us the tools to build the bridge. Yet we seem to treasure a reluctance to crossing over. We're fond of the past, the recklessness, minimal responsibility, the support. Now is the first time without a clear destination. One type of school always led to another, and while there were tough and lasting choices to be made, they were limited. There are only so many schools, so many majors, so many activities. Our world, like our bike trip, has led us into the great wide open, where anything could be something and the possibilities seem to endless to process.

The joy of the road is the ability to step back from all of this and focus on the finer things. Thanks to the control you have over everything from destination to food to shelter, day to day life is empowering and validating. There is little more powerful than entrenching yourself in beautiful scenery, pedaling along at your own will in a dynamic and stunning world. The freedom of man, doing what he loves most in the realm of nature is something that can never been taken away.