Duck a quack a bush a duck

Where better for four great bros to get weird in nature than a trail as oddly named as Duckabush? Where better to go to escape the urban monotony of Tacoma than such pristine nature as Duckabush?

Where better to head at 5 AM, thus carrying your weight in coffee than Duckabush?

Passion offsets everything and makes it worth it to wake up at the crack of dawn for something special. We thrive on adventure, majestic sights, quality friendship and movement. The more obstacles beforehand, the more the joy seems worth it looking back.

I'd never hiked with Tom, Aaron or Greg, but we've all been great friends for years. Some people have a hard time getting along with people different from them, for us it made the group stronger. Aaron and Greg are planners, and pay attention to detail. Tom and I are spontaneous and pay attention to our guts. Certain members equate nature with learning, for me it means freedom, for all us happiness.

I love a hard hike because as fit as I am, I feel it in my legs for at least a day or two. The fatigue brings me back to each step of the way, soreness recalls every rise and fall of the trail, evoking memories that photos can't do justice to. Nature is a vehicle for laughter, exhilaration and friendship.

Duckabush may have a super weird name, but it could have been anywhere. Nature is neat, and is a canvas for human relationships to be created and cultivated. The trees, hillsides and rocks carry ecological memory, but in the air will always be the less tangible souvenir of the good times of those who take advantage of the fact that outside is free.