Monday Inspiration

Sunny in the Autumn

Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, we'll see if next week three times makes a habit. This was unplanned, but I wanted to share this awesome and inspiring video of time lapses around the country. Prominently feature is my favorite place in the country, Yosemite National Park.

Beneath the awe of what surrounds us as seen in the video is the tireless pursuit of passion by the artist Shane Black and his friends. Its the kind of thing to watch on a Monday, by the end of the week we'll be itching to get out and work hard to do what we want to do.


Watching this video made me nostalgic for Yosemite and eager to get back out to the fantastic nature that's so nearby, but it also made me ponder how easy it is to appreciate what is right by us. Tacoma may be by no means perfect, but it is often quite beautiful. Here's a few recent shots of mine that remind me that I've got it pretty good here:

Tacoma Sunrise
Crisp Fall Tacoma Day
Fall Colors and Rainier on Campus