Some much needed inspiration

Adventure is not  something left to the dreams of children, its not for the crazy or wacky or those who reject society, its who we are, its in all of us, and to not dream, not seek happiness, not acknowledge happiness is an insult to ourselves and where we come from.

The drudgery and routine of life can be overwhelming and take control of life at times. My life recently feels confined by research, study, college social life, obligations. Of course, the moments on my bike, or with good food and coffee help, but there is the inevitable knowledge that I'll soon be back in the library.

But being on the road, being in movement, where new landscapes and new experiences hit your sense of second of everyday, is where change happens, the open road, the unknown, this is my home, this is where i need to be.

Not only do those moments make life better, but they are the building blocks to the next adventure. The other thing to do is life vicariously through does doing cool things. Inspiration comes in all sorts of forms, but to see others doing cool things with their lives makes it worth it to work through the drudgery to earn the next trip.

Lucky for me, I've found Rob Lutter. An adventure photographer and cyclist. His current project is The Life Cycle, lives out my dream. Interacting with the world on bike. artfully documenting and skillfully storytelling as he goes. His video. bordering on even too epic, is well done and full of great nuggets. I've included my favorites. Its a great way to brighten any Monday in the office, library or routine.

Its the adventure itself that is the conduit to happiness, our primal instinct is to explore and its in the inspiration that we find joy and can discover not the world but ourselves, changing and adapting to become stronger, brighter, more joyful more soulful beings.