Triathlon - That's what's next

Culture shock! Home sickness! These are terrible things that the traveler experiences returning home. But not me. I guess, thus far. The key? Keep busy. Traveling finished, its time to move on to other adventures. I've been home for two weeks, and amidst the reunions with both both people and places I've kept busy with a serious return to athletics. Unfortunately, bike racing is a hard sport to jump into at the end of the season, when everyone is at their prime, and a race can end in five minutes, but there is another option.

I"ve been training for a triathlon, swimming biking and running every day. Triathlons are great competitions in which you can compete against both yourself and the field, making it a great fitness kick starter. Training hard, staying busy, and finding that fitness that the endless croissants took away.

Fast forward two weeks. I've been bad about blogging, in a stage of reliving memories and trying to hard to not think too much about it, but I've been training like a maniac. The race is in five days, the taper is on, the mindset has settled in, I'm in it not just for fitness but to compete. Competition is an addiction, once you win, once you even come close you can't stop.

The race is not easy. Its Olympic length, which means in itself it is manageable for me. .9 mile swim, 26 mile bike, 6.5 mile run. Here's the twist. Its around Donner Lake, with altitudes from 6000-8000 feet and hills to match. Then there's the heat.

Tomorrow I head up to Tahoe to acclimatize. Its a retreat I've been waiting for, no technology, just me and some books, training, fantastic nature and a cabin in the woods.