Zurich my gateway

Many months ago, in a time that feels many like another life due to the frequency of big events in my life over the last year, I passed through Zurich on the way to Istanbul. In writing, I entertained the idea of Zurich as my gateway. When I took my week bike tour of Europe, we flew through Zurich. Going to Turkey, a world apart from that of western Europe utilised as well this place of passage. Thus it became a symbolic jumping off point, ground zero for new adventures.

The other day, I passed again through Zurich, the third occasion eliminating any prospect of coincidence. The circumstances slightly altered, Zurich functioned one again my gateway. This time however, she led me through to the journey home.

This trip to Zurich marked the end of unfamiliarity, of wholly foreign countries, of living out of a backpack my just my little brother as travel companion. On the other side was my mother, comfortable apartments during one last trip in France, and finally, in a week, home.

Now is not the time to be overly introspective and wrap things up. I merely say this: whereas Zurich has led me to bountiful adventures in the past, it will continue to do so on this third pass. Even though I pass through Zurich to return home to Paris and then to California, I jump off at least slightly changed. New adventures await a "new me," however familiar home may be.