The Two Bridges

Obviously, the joys of traveling around the Balkans are plentiful; lush scenery, fresh food, friendly and beautiful people and more heritage than all fifty states. But there's an intricacy that makes it even better, the variety. Seas touch the mountains, ottoman buildings dominate one town while orthodox churches the next, language and customs change every hour on the road. For a traveler shunning consistency and embracing change, this land is formidable.

We are on Mostar, a UNESCO heritage town in Bosnia and Herzegovina known for its old town, mosques, placing near the mountains, but mostly, is fantastic bridge. Historical and inspiring, it looks as it did 600 years ago, despite the necessity of recreation after the war.

On the contrary we saw a beautiful modern suspension bridge just outside of Croatia. No more than three hours by car but a world apart.

Things may change in leaps and bounds, but the excitement is endless.

Pictures from the internet.