Reunited with Roma

I just recently reached the nine month point away from home. In the time since I've left the states, trees have lost and grown again their leaves, and babies have past from a dream to a reality. Yes, I have changed too, but now is not the time for that. We say things like "home is where the heart is," or, "there is no place like home," an indication of the fondness we as people carry for our homes. That in mind, I'm interrogated often as to how I live without homesickness and how missing California doesn't tear me up inside. The truth is you learn to cope, and with a life such as that as I am living, it is quite easy to.

The method is twofold. Obviously, enjoying what I am doing is the best remedy. Happiness in the moment leaves one without longing for the past. But a more subtle trick is the recreation of home. Bring California and my life with me, not in a negative way such as homesickness but a positive way in the form of things I like.

Home is more about comfort and familiarity than anything else thus in this sense you can make any place like home. Its takes enjoying them.

I had the fortune to return to Rome en route between Corsica and Athens thanks to the search for the cheapest route. In Rome I spent five days in January and made close friends and grew to love the city. Spending two days among familiar sights, coffee and gelato and pizza and pasta that were so comforting and sharing it with great close friends was a feeling as close to home as a needed.

So that's how you survive without the quote unquote home. You set it up as you go. In Rome I bought a Bialetti Espresso pot and super high quality espresso. Now home starts every morning.

I'm in Athens now, leaving for Santorini tomorrow. Update on that and of course the bike trip to Corsica to come soon.

Reunited with Ivan in rome
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