Back on track

Paris was wonderful and I wouldn't take back any minute if it. Instead, I'd go back and add to it. As I noted at some point, my life in Paris was based on sacrifices of some fundamental things in my life, above all, cycling and living independently. I made it work, but such as  my eleven hour night train to Nice, an eternity seems to have passed. Nice has been a great exploration of food, art and the city - but above all - if biking.

Not that it was lost really, today i refound the freedom and joy of a good ride. The Sun shining strong, and my stomach full of traditional cuisine, I set off, no destination in mind, just east and to suffer town.

That came quick as the road began to ride the second I got out of the city. It didn't stop for miles, until the town of La Turbie, a 2000 ft climb. It was a cool town with a Roman monument to Augustus. 

From there I went down a glorious descent into Monaco, high speeds, swoopy turns and the bluest sea I'd ever seen.

Riding through Monaco was worth the traffic. After all, it was nothing compared to Paris, just with much nicer cars. The amount of luxury there is suffocating, in one day I saw more super cars than I thought I would in a lifetime.

It is a thing to drive your fancy car in front of the Monte Carlo Casino to show off. Of course I did a lap on the bike out in front, showing off the goods.

From there I rode around the coast until I crossed the Italian border, to say I was there again, which is cool. I came back through the mountains and climbed just as high.

Not a bad day in terms if miles and climbing, but more so a great day for spirit. I felt free and vivacious and couldn't have been happier. What is not to like about your favorite thing in such a beautiful place.

Photos thanks to the internet.