Where in the world

Profiter is one of the first words I learned upon arriving in France. Its almost a fake friend, in that it doesn't carry a monetary connotation, rather it implies the necessity to take advantage of things. Its become nearly a mantra. Always must profiter. Profiter profiter profiter. Finals ended today and I find myself with four months until school starts back up in good old Tacoma. What to do? With plane tickets from California to Europe costing in the thousands of dollars, the thing to do is take advantage of the fact that I'm already in Europe and profiter from the things I haven't seen. Here's a peek at what's coming next:

From May 4th to 11th I'll be by myself couchsurfing in Nice. On the Cote d'Azur in the South of France, i'll be riding my bike, seeing a lot of art, relaxing on the beach and maybe taking a day trip into Italy.

From there its a quick hop on the ferry to Corsica. I'll be meeting my aunt and uncle in Bastia, from where we're doing a two week bike tour in Corsica and Sardinia. 

That leaves me at May 26th, when I'll be ditching the beloved bicycle, hopping on a ferry to Rome for a daylong stopover before grabbing a flight to Athens. Get this, a flight from Bastia to Athens costs 1000 euros, it costs 100 from Rome, which is a quick ferry ride away. Savings.

In Athens I'm meeting my buddy Daniel and we're spending 12 days or so in the city, island hopping, climbing Mt. Olympus, and chilling in Thessaloniki. 

To celebrate his graduation, little brother gets to come out and meet me in Tessaloniki, where Daniel and I will part ways. 

The next couple of weeks are less planned out thus far, but we're going through Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia. We will definitely hit Kotor, Herceg Novi, Sutjeska National Park, Split, Hvar and Plitvice National Park.

That part of the trip will probably finish in Rijeka, where we can catch a long bus into Zurich where we'll meet our mom (we're at the end of June now). With mom we'll make our way up to Paris, probably stopping in Lyon and Dijon. 

After getting to be back in my home city once more and sharing it with my family its on back to California for the first time in 11 months to do who knows what.

I'm feeling nostalgic about going, but its tempered by the good times I've been having, the great times to come and the knowledge that the friendships I've made won't be left behind when I leave.

I'll try to update as frequently as possible, in the meantime keep on adventuring!