The "Home" Stretch

Starting today, I have but six weeks left in Paris,  plus of course whatever time the future brings. The duration and passing of time have a strange effect, and our ability to sense them is abstract and undefined. For example, days can seem to never end, but looking back time flys. As the French say le temps passe très vite. So what is six weeks? It feels like a lot of time, but it is so much less than what I've already spent here. I can't imagine the feeling of finishing six weeks from now, but I know looking back it will be but flap of a butterfly's wings, a beautiful chord held out as long as it could be, to remain only in memory, words, photos.

For this reason, I've added a sense of purpose to my time that remains, structuring my life with a slight structure that while won't be confining will ensure I miss nothing.

Last semester, I remarked upon the fervor with which those who were leaving tried to pack everything Paris in. To escape that rush, I've made a list of all I want to do, with seemingly enough time to do it.

Since Paris is my classroom, and I'm here to both live and explore as a tourist in my own city, I need to take advantage of everything I've yet missed out on.

The list of full of springtime exhibitions at my favorite museums, churches I've yet to see, parks to be explored and food and drink to be consumed.

The list is not a checklist of things to do, its an ensemble of things to marvel and enjoy for my own sake. Everything is united by the thread of being opportunistic, not saying no, seizing the day. As us kids say yolo. Time to adventure, absorb, enjoy.