Fraternities For Charity

Be it our heroes or organization groups, back over in America we seem to have the necessity to demonize everything that has the possibility for good - overemphasizing until public opinion and stereotypes are so bad that there is no return. University Fraternities are one such institution. Oftentimes, they do deserve some of there stereotypes, but the image of a female-disrespecting, beer chugging selfish frat boy is generally inaccurate for a number of reasons. First, being in a fraternity doesn't cause this behavior - it some schools it may accentuate it, but other college students drink and disrespect women as well.

Second it ignores all the good fraternities in the country. Fraternity are merely social organizations generally founded on principles such as of brotherhood, community service and striving to be a better man. But that gets lost in the media storm of another drinking casualty.

I'm a member of one of these so-called "better" fraternities. Sure we party, but because we are college students, not because we are in a fraternity. However, we focus our energy on community service, academic excellence, brotherhood events a little more thoughtful than stupid drunken nights.

We recently entered in a contest to win money not for ourselves, but for one of the humanitarian organizations we support, the Pierce County Sexual Assault Center. Its a great organization local to our school that provides very good aid to victims of sexual assault. Rather than participate in sexual assault, we prefer to act on the preventative side, driven by our values and general respect for all humans.

I encourage you to like this fb page to vote for my Fraternity:

If we were to win the $500, we would make a donation to the Pierce County Sexual Assault Center. This money would help support their efforts to provide counseling for victims of sexual assault in Pierce County, WA. We chose this picture because this was taken during our Martin Luther King Day of Service, and we thought that it best represented our dedication to community service.

Thanks much.