The green pathway of my dreams

It needs not be repeated that I'm on an endless quest to stay connected with nature and escape the metropolis that is Paris. Today, I found another gem to add to my list of green sanctuaries.

Le coulée vert or promenade plantée is Paris' precursor to the High Line in NYC. In essence, it's a four and a half kilometer pathway raised and isolated from cars and bikes, surrounded instead by trees and plants. It ends at the Bois de Vincennes, a large park to the SE of Paris.

It's not a forest trail, but it's the closest I'll get. its so refreshing to run without the mess of traffic. It adds a sense of peace to running that few places in Paris can. It's also full of other serious runners, so motivation stays triggered. We're probably all training for the looming half marathon, so being around others  is a way to gauge our training  and fitness.

On that note, my training is not where I'd like it to be. I signed up for the Paris semi marathon to get back into shape to compensate for my minimized cycling and it's done that, but not enough. I'm struggling to run long enough, I'm behind schedule, and my footing is off. But it will come.

Running is my therapy for now, I can go out, work my ass off and leave my problems on the path. All while exploring the best that Paris has to offer.

Im a minimalist runner in the sense that I bring few accessories (no water, iPod, phone, watch, etc), so here's some photos from the web...

Coulee verte