on an unknown frontier with only painting to follow

We've made it to Africa via ferry, yet by nature of colonization past are still in Spain, in a city called Ceuta, just east of Tangier. The reunion with my family has been joyous and I'm so  grateful that they are out here but put simply it's a very different type of travel then I've grown accustomed to. But change isn't a bad thing in any means. On that note, the world around me is about to radically change. Tomorrow we drive to Fez, a large city and former capital of Morocco. We love to talk about how France and the USA are different, but this will truly be a whole new world, full of sights, smells and customs I've never lived before.

I'm feeling only excitement. With this sort of novelty there is so much to take away. I know a little from what I've read and heard from friends, but most of my knowledge on the country, and more importantly, is thanks to Delacroix and Matisse. Painters of the same 100 years but infinitely different styles, both traveled here before me, leaving behind beautiful images. I hope my photos will do them justice.


Wi-Fi may be suspect while I'm there, adventure on while you wait to hear about the trip.