Looking backwards and forwards (travel plans!)

I''ve finished my first semester in Paris and am feeling pretty stoked and accomplished. I've seen some great things in Paris, France and Europe. I' 've vastly improved my French, made New friends and greatly expanded my passion for art. needless to say it's been a great semester. It's a bittersweet time though. Most of my friends are back in the US, to be replaced with other students. It's sad to be going on without them. The weirdest part is that I know Paris in the context of my friends. To have them gone means reinventing my life in Paris.

I'm ready for the change. I'll be with a new family, smack in the center of Paris, working a new internship for a chef and seeing new places with new people.nostalgia is necessary, but so is a life full of new possibilities.

Which brings me to the next month. I've got over a month for winter break and am taking full advantage of it. It'll look something like this:

-tomorrow I fly to Malaga in SW Spain to spend three days with my buddy George.

-bus to Seville where I'll meet my parents brother grandma and cousin and spend four days

-with that crew drive to Morocco and spend a week in fez and Marrakech.

-three days in Lisbon

-everyone but dad and I go home, fly to Salzburg Austria and ski in filzmoos for a few days

-train to four days in Rome

-dad leaves. ferry to Corsica

-ferry to nice

-train to Lyon

-back to Paris (albeit for .an immediate field trip to the Loire valley

As you can see, life is going to be sunny and exciting coming up. and I couldn't be more thrilled to see George and my family.

I'll blog small updates from time to time, don't forget to keep in adventuring yourself