I've found my escape

Sirens. Bustling people. Big Buildings. The Metro. Smoke everywhere. Noise. Pavement. Paris is not very tranquil, its a metropolitan enormity. It can be hard on a kid who adores the mountains and all things nature. I'd heard about the Butte au Chaumont plenty, but hadn't taken the time to go out until today. I'm seriously dissapointed in myself, as I've been missing out on the mostly beautiful place in Paris for the last for months.

One of the four "hills" (buttes) of Paris, the Butte au Chaumont is a park with a lake with ducks, a waterfall, and a nice little hill to hike up. The power of the waterfall brought me back to the charging water of my beloved Yosemite and I was so moved to stand next to it.

Its great to escape from the crazy urbanity of Paris oftentimes, and the beautiful Butte au Chaumont is the place to do it. Needless to say, I'll be back often.

Waterfall at Butte au Chaumont

Butte au Chaumont Butte au Chaumont