Movember Update

In case your wondering, the hair on my upper lip has been flourishing. Some might call it a mustache, others laugh. Mais je m'en fou, I like growing mustaches, especially for good causes. Here's a picture of the progress, and a reminder about what Movember is: 3 Weeks into Movember

If you don't remember or have never heard of it, Movember is a charity organization that takes the loathed / loved tradition of No Shave November and puts a philanthropic spin on it. Grow a mustache to raise awareness and money to support men's health, i.e. testicular and prostate cancer. If you are interesting in joining my team, participating at all in Movember, or donating to the cause, you can do so via my Mo-space here: I’d appreciate the support.

Movember has been interesting to explain to people here in French, French and Americans alike. I get a lot of jokes about only needing a baguette, cigarette and beret to complete the ensemble to be a vrai parisien, but in all honesty it has helped my French. Having to explain something such as this is great practice. There's one more week in November, we'll see how things go from here. If the mustache adventure is a success, I might try to take it to handlebar land. But we'll see, the adventure continues...