A quick view of Frankfurt

One benefit of my hiccup on the way to Freiburg this weekend was a good an accidental layover in Frankfurt (read about the hiccup here). I don't think I would have ever intentionally traveled there, so it was a pleasant surprise to have fate thrust it upon me. It is hard to describe a city after living there for months, clearly I don't have a full picture of Frankfurt after half an hour there. But here's my reaction:

The biggest things I noticed about Frankfurt was the relaxed manner of the people, and the fusion of old and new. I'm used to Paris, where everyone rushes, but  in Frankfurt, i was the only walking steadily (I had to see as much as I could before my train!) People casually strolled, and enjoyed the foggy day. Next was the architecture. Whereas everything is old and beautiful in Paris (it is sometimes shocking to see modern architecture), the two styles blend effortlessly and continuously in Frankfurt.

Other than that, I saw bakeries, a surprising amount of sex clubs, cool buildings, the Eurotower (seat of the European central bank), a lot of construction and a cool church called Sankt Katharinenkirche. I also ate a delicious pastry and saw so many Audis, Porsches, BMWs and Mercedes, all super exciting.

My thirty minutes in Frankfurt left a good impression on me, and it reminded me to take advantage of the little things that come your way. I could have easily stayed in the train station on the free wi-fi, but when the start of an adventure comes my way, I take it!

A post about the trip to Freiburg coming soon!