The importance of good spelling

why it is important to spell foreign words right a little hungover and sleep-deprived. that is my state at my 5:45 am wake up time. it doesnt get me down however, because in the scheme of things, it is worth it to be reckless and go out the night before an- early train and have a lot of fun with close friends. anyway, the train is great for sleeping, but more importantly, the excitement that fuels my sense of adventure negates any physical woes.

all goes more than smoothly. the i wake up to the hazy french countryside blowing by at 311 kph and see the man across from me is wearing a cycling cap and reading a french velo magazine. i ask him if he is a racer, which is he. as a german our mutual language was english which i obviously have no problem with. he races bikes, is a world traveler and runs a music agency that promotes acts who are "good and unique." he also has a great beard. in short a perfect train companion.

our talk drifts from where weve been, where he thinks i should go, bike racing, lance armstrong, music and eventually lands up in the realm of travel philosophy. my buddy was in tel aviv two weeks ago and loved it. he says "the news, thats a bunch of bullshit. you can‘t define a place like that. to really know somewhere you need to go and live it." the news doesnt do peoples lives and homes justice. we both find it ridiculous that its considering shocking to some to travel to a place like israel or greece because the news deems them unsafe. despite conflict, they remain beautiful places with vivid cultures. obviously, don't travel to a war zone but risk is neccesary.

as we come close to frankfurt he tells me that its a nice 2 hour train ride to freiburg. i say, thats weird my tickets say its 25 minutes. i pull them out and have that instantaneous aknowledgement that i fucked up. my tickets are to friedburg, not frieburg.

the problem had an easy yet expensive solution. after a pleasant unexpected stroll through frankfurt i got on the right train 111 euros later. woops.

the lesson is twofold. first, attentiveness is key. from fine print to names to timezones, a good traveler can keep track of these things. it saves time and money. second is you cant convince yourself its ok to spell words incorrectly because they are in a foreign language. on the contrary it is more important to spell things right because you cant know the extent of your error. if i had spelled the city right, e before i, id have had no problem. oh well, its an adventure and learning experience.