Skyfall and French Cinema

It is safe to safe that the French love film. French cinema is renowned and like such as all French art, they are very proud of it. Everyone knows and respects the Cannes Film Festivals. Finally, who doesn't love a good movie. I just got back from my second movie in France, the new James Bond film Skyfall. Needless to say, it rocked my world. The action was spot on and the perfect amount, cinematography and location beautiful, the soundtrack was interesting and provided a great backdrop for the images, always enhancing the scenes. I think Daniel Craig plays a good James Bond, he excels at adding some roughness to the character. We seem to like aspects of film noir in our hero films these days, just look at the new Batman series. To this extent, Craig is a good choice. Of course, he's sauve as well.

The French seem to go to the movies a lot. Many people, at least here in Paris, own a movie pass that allows them to see many films for much less than paying for them individually. Not bad with the options they have to see here in the big city with many theaters. But the experience is a little different than in America.

First of all, the viewing room is totally different. Rather than stadium seating, the two theaters I've been to have had the seats more or less at the same level. Tonight, the seats actually sloped down a little bit. On the contrary, in America, the back row is often 100 feet higher than the front.

Next is the ambience. The theater was about half full by the time the previews started, and everyone talked through them. People filtered in the whole time, eventually nearly filling the theater. A few large groups of people didn't come until the film actually had begun. For being a city that is always rushed, the Parisiens sure were timely tonight.

Finally, it was really easy to see the movie in English, just as it was to see The Dark Knight, the first film I saw. There is always an option for v/o (version originale) or orignal version, which is great for me. It was enlightening to see the French translations on the bottom, so I was glad to have the French subtitles.

Just because I'm studying abroad doesn't mean I can't go to the movies. Life doesn't stop for travel, it continues somewhere new. Although, the movies, believe it or not, are little more if not the same price as in America. Woohoo. Keep on adventuring..