I've always enjoyed engaging in the cultivation of facial hair, or in layman's term, the great past-time of beard growing. I first shaved the summer before 8th grade because my friends at camp said my mustache (which was all that I grew) was gross. It was pretty disgusting, so I began shaving once a month. Slowly, my beard began to grow more, and with this newfound hair came a newfound interest in shaving. Since then, shaving has become one of my favorite rituals. Its affirming as a man in the barest physical sense, and it is an activity that is calming  and formulaic. Being able to shave my face is comparable to taking off a mask and being fresh me again. Yet there comes a time in every college man's life that he must set aside this ritual and focus on the pure process of beard growing. That time is the period of time infamously known as No Shave November. The idea is simple, don't shave during November. It's a pretty well followed tradition across college campuses.

Like anything, growing a beard feels better if there is a purpose, or if it benefits someone or something beyond yourself. For this, I am proud to announce my participation in Movember. Movember is a charity organization based on the premise of No Shave November, but incorporates fundraising for men's testicular and prostate cancer research and awareness. Essentially, I grow a mustache to fundraise. It is a good tag on to an otherwise very bro-ey tradition.

Mustache circa 2008

Here's some info on Movember:

If you are interesting in joining my team, participating at all in Movember, or donating to the cause, you can do so via my Mo-space here: I'd appreciate the support.

My plan is to grow the beard as long as I can stand it, and maybe halfway through November, turn it into a great mustache to rock through the end of the month.

Unfortunately, there's not quite as many good mustaches in Paris as stereotypes may lead one to believe. Maybe a lot of them do Movember though. If not, I'll rock my mustache solo here in Paris...