The View From the East: How I Became a Westerner

A big round of applause to my great friend, and up and coming writer / environmentalist Walter Wuthmann. One of my greatest contemporaries for the past seven years I want to congratulate him and share his award-winning essay. The Environmental Journal High County News holds an annual student essay contest. This year's theme was "How I Became a Westerner." Wuthmann, a California bro who moved out to Maine for school wrote the winning essay. He "is fueled by what his friends perceive as a disturbing love of books and a massive environmental guilt." His essay is a great read, and the theme is a good topic for thinking on. Unlike Walter, my Western identity has been engrained in me for a while, and that kept me on the West Coast for school. I'd love to write on this when I get the chance. How do you identify with your coast?

Read Walter's essay here: