Apres Deux Semaines

After two weeks in Paris, I have come to a crossroads. Today was my last day of a two week intensive language course I took in the heart of Paris. By intensive, I mean 5 hours a day for ten days. Take those 50 hours, add at least ten for studying and doing homework after class and the 10-20 hours of conversation with people on the street, in my house and at meals and in the last two weeks I've had almost two semesters worth of college French class. Its funny how that works.

My course consisted of two hours of conversation class in the morning, and three hours of general French and grammar in the afternoon. This morning was quite the culmination, as it was just the professor and myself. I can now say I have had a two hour conversation in French. We talked about politics, summer camps and fashion. The conversation course was great because in addition to speaking and listening to French, it was all about comparing our different ways of life. Over the two weeks I spoke with students from Norway, Spain, Saudi Arabia, France (the teacher) and Turkey. It made for very lively and enlightening discussions.

Tomorrow I move into my homestay. It seems I done goofed again with the housing for now. I originally thought I was to move into my IES homestay Saturday (tomorrow), so I booked the room I'm in until today. The actual move in date is Monday, but with my janky pay as you go French phone, I called the family and they are letting me move in early. It seems the beginning of a great experience. The other problem, is that booking until 7 September meant that Friday (today) was when I was supposed to be gone. It led to a little snafu at the house I'm at, but they were accommodating and it is not a problem. I even wound up having dinner with the family for the first time since I've been here, which was great. Another French conversation done and my table manners are really developing (a necessity here). It was also confirmed that no one believes me that I am 20, so I might as well not say it anymore. I guess being able to grow facial hair is not a French trait...

Here's some pictures and commentary from exploration from the last week: