The Bicycle Race

Tomorrow morning I take a serious leap in one of the most prominent adventures I am currently on. It is a journey at least 15 years in the making. It is backed by learning, family, joy and frustration. For countless years I have wanted to bike race. Laziness, fear, other priorities and more have kept me from taking that stride until now. I haven't felt as elated in a long time as I did when I received my first ever team kit a few months ago. More than being motivational, it is comforting. While on one hand, it will be about the bike and me tomorrow morning, I know also that I'll have a team of great guys on my back. Mason Lake Road Race. Category 5. 36 miles on a 12 mile circuit. That's 3 laps. It'll go fast, be exhilarating, it will drain me.I'm going into it with excitement more than anything. I learned last weekend that crashing and bumping is not the end of the world so I prepared for that. I don't expect to win, I plan on enjoying myself and doing the best I physically can. I enjoy the physical hardship, yet can't let that dominate as I need to enjoy the experience. Here goes nothing.